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About This Site

Welcome to my website dedicated to women and art. I’m not an art expert, I’m still learning what everything means so forgive me if I don’t use the correct terminology! I’m just a woman who loves art – everything from sculpture and photography to performance art and paintings. On this site you’ll find work by female artists as well as art of women by male artists. To make things easy to find I’ve organised the pictures into galleries by genre and alphabetically. New galleries will be added often, and I will update existing galleries when I find new pictures. This site is best viewed in landscape and on a computer but you’ll still be able to appreciate the art on your devices.

I want this site to be a positive presence on the internet, and a great way to celebrate the beauty, talent and creativity of women worldwide. So feel free to share this site and it’s contents by clicking the social media and ‘like’ buttons at the bottom of each gallery. Actually I’d appreciate the ‘likes’ as it’s your way to let me know which things you’re enjoying the most – thanks! Those of you without a WordPress account can submit your opinion of the art by clicking the star on the ‘Rate This’ line, I’d really appreciate it.

You can subscribe to the site using the link in the footer and you’ll receive emails when new albums are added. I don’t spam you or share your details, the emails are generated automatically.

Please remember that as far as art is concerned there are no rules as to what is and isn’t art, and no subject is taboo, so there may be content here you don’t like. I’m pretty open-minded about things but I also have my own levels of decency and political correctness which I will use when needed. I will do my best to be respectful and considerate when assigning art to their specific genres.

Please note I make no profit from running this site, it’s merely a hobby and passion of mine. I do not own any of the pictures and all credit goes to the individual artists, I will post links of my sources where possible.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy Art and Her.


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