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Updates to this site

Thank you for visiting this site, I am really enjoying running it and finding new art every day. Art moves me in the same way music can move us, and I love getting a buzz from finding a new artist whose work excites and impresses me.

I’ve made a few changes recently – all new posts from now on will be open to comments. If there’s any trolling or nastiness then I’ll close the comments, this is not the site for negativity. So please be nice! You may have noticed that I’ve made a few tweaks to the artwork on here too, I hope you like the pink.

Each post now has a star rating system which I’d appreciate you using as it’s helpful for me to know which galleries you’re enjoying the most, so please click the star, thanks. Also you may have noticed that I now use the term ‘galleries’ instead of ‘albums’, it just fits better with this being an art site.

Even though I run this site for my own enjoyment it’s nice to know that others are enjoying it too. I’m pleased to see that other people are acknowledging my efforts and are viewing the fabulous art I find. I hope some of the artists featured on this site are getting more interest in their websites and ultimately their artwork – it would nice wouldn’t it?

So huge thanks for joining me on this journey, I hope you visit often and enjoy the art on here as much as I do.



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